Our Business

Over the years, we have developed our capabilities to offer end to end solutions,from engineering design to operations & maintenance, to owners and prime contractors in aviation fuel facilities, infrastructure for the transmission and storage of oil, gas and water and plant engineering.

Our Services Spectrum includes:

    Services Portfolio

Within our Services Spectrum, we have build our capabilities in the value chain to meet the demands of our clients throughout these years. Moving forward, we continue to listen to our clients, adapt to changing market demands and make the necessary extensions and expansions to our current value chain services.

    Value Chain

    Key strengths

1) Effective project management platform "PMEX"
With our project experiences, we have established a new and improved project management excellence program “PMEX” since 2014 for a more effective and efficient project management; to meet the demands of tight project schedules, maintaining quality assurances and high safety standards.

2) Installation & tie-in to "live/operational" facilities
We also possess the expertise to phase and integrate new systems with existing facilities such that existing operations are not disrupted whilst works are being carried out. This includes but not limited to, hot tapping operations etc.

3) Safety "Shine" program
We believe in working safe. Working safe improves morale of the employees and conducive working environment for higher productivity. Besides providing a safe work environment, we have implemented a behavourial based safety program, “Shine”, to make safety a personal motto for all employees and part and parcel of their daily work life.