Plant Engineering / Specialised Projects

We are also involved in the engineering works for specialized projects such as offshore facilities for oil and gas production and petrochemical plants. These projects require high engineering expertise where our engineering knowledge and construction experience are applied. Thus far, our involvement in such projects has been in relation to specific engineering steps such as engineering design, installation, testing and commissioning.

a) Lubricating Oil Blending Plants
In 1990s, when Lubricating Oil manufacturers moved into Singapore, WEC, with its versatile and experienced engineering workforce, had successfully won some 70% of the market to construct lubricating oil blending plants. These were turnkey projects, involving submissions of all authority approvals, engineering designs, procurements, construction and commissioning of the complete plants.

b) Petro-Chemical and Pharmaceutical Plants
instruments and controls for petro-chemical complexes in Singapore. These projects were generally managed by multi-national project management companies like Bechtel International, Foster Wheeler, Stone and Webster Asia Inc and WorleyParsons.

In 1994 WEC was awarded the engineering designs, and construction of a plastic compounding plant for GE Plastics China Ltd (part of the General Electric group of USA) in Nansha, Guangdong Province, PRC.

c) Offshore Engineering & Installation Works
In 2004, we successfully completed the installation of a multi-deck offshore facility platform for oil production owned by CNOOC SES Ltd for an aggregate contract value of US$5.2 million. This marked our successful foray into the offshore oil and gas industry. For this project, we provided our customer with project management services and experienced in-house engineers and supervisors to oversee the installation works.
Key systems implemented in these projects include:

a) Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System ("SCADA system")
The SCADA system is a system of supervisory control and monitoring panels which enable the control of equipment to be done from a remote location and the collection of data and feedback of signals from instruments and equipment. It provides real-time graphical updates and allows remote monitoring and control of all the off-take stations (pressure regulating and metering stations) and line valve stations within the pipeline network.

b) Cathodic Protection System
The cathodic protection system protects underground steel pipelines from corrosion through electrolysis. Dependant on a permanent or sacrificial anode system, the system may consists of AC/DC rectifiers and zinc earthing electrodes and utilises an external power source which provides protective current to moderate corrosion activity.