Biazzi Technology

Biazzi established in 1936 in Switzerland, is Process Technology Specialist in Hydrogenation and other Gas-to-Liquid Reaction Process, Nitration and Explosives.

Biazzi’s Gas-Liquid Reaction Technology has been implemented in 77 plants worldwide including in Europe, Asia, America and other regions.

These reference plants includes:
Pharmaceutical (API, etc)
Fine Chemicals (Additives, Adhesives, Paint, Polyurethanes, etc)
Food (Sorbitol, etc)
Others (Flavours and Fragrant, etc)

Biazzi’s strength in in Process Development and Optimization of the Hydrogenation and other Gas- Liquid reaction technology provides Customized process solution for:
Process Optimization Resulting in reduced capital and operational expenses
Direct Scale up from Lab to actual Plant size - Shortest time to market
Guarantees on Process, Optimization and Direct Scale-up
Enhance Safety