Plant Maintenance

WEC provides regular and preventive maintenance services to our customers for their existing infrastructure facilities,including but not limited to inspection, repairs, modification and maintenance of existing pipelines, equipment and storage tanks.

We are also involved in shutdown maintenance works especially in the following fields.

  1. New or Existing Pipeline Work Including “Tie-Ins”
  2. Structural Modifications & New Erection
  3. Rotating Equipment Maintenance
  4. Static Equipment Maintenance (Exchanger, Column, Vessel)
  5. Furnace Maintenance Works (Includes Re-coil)
  6. Electrical & Instrumentation Maintenance
  7. Total Valve Management, Valves Change-Out Servicing & Certification
  8. Condition Monitoring
  9. Storage Tank Maintenance & Rehabilitation
  10. Plant Turnaround and Shutdown

Our Clients